Water Conservation: An Irrigation Project in Washington

Writing by Carl Evers III, AgIS Capital Director of Sustainability

AgIS Capital is currently undergoing a water conservation project in Washington by applying irrigation water in three ways:


Through drip tubing, which is also used to deliver nutritional needs to the tree precisely


Under tree micro sprinklers


Overhead misters with the primary purpose of cooling the maturing fruit

installation of new, efficient booster pumps

In addition, a large fully lined irrigation pond was constructed. The reservoir enables water to be available for frost protection prior to the start of the irrigation season along with allowing substantial acreage to be irrigated or overhead cooled when needed. This removes some of the delivery pressure on the water district during peak irrigation season.

an aerial view of the reservoir after lining

All of these irrigation systems have been designed to be integrated so that the least amount of irrigation water will be used to produce high yields of premium quality fruit, while significantly reducing food waste from heat damage during the Summer months.

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