Value: How AgIS Creates Value with ESG Engagement

Writing by Ken Warlick, Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Our approach to ESG engagement is based on the notion that it supports our business and investment objectives in several important ways…


Aligns with Our Company's Values

It creates organizational buy in and continuity about our values and culture by providing an ethical construct within which to invest and do business.

Supports Our Recruitment and Retention Efforts

It allows us to recruit and retain talented people — people who wish to be part of an organization that prioritize doing well and performing with excellence while also doing good.

Reduces Operating Costs

It enables us to run our business and manage our clients’ assets at lower costs than otherwise might be the case by promoting operational efficiency and innovation.

Reduces Healthy, Safety, Legal and Public Perception Risks

It puts health and safety at the forefront of our operational decision making, which, in turn, helps reduce legal and public perception risks – both of which can be impediments progress and both business and financial performance.

Positions us to Access New Investment Opportunities

It ensures that AgIS is part of the conversation when new opportunities emerge out of the development of the global sustainability economy – offering us additional ways in which to enhance the performance of our clients’ assets and portfolios.

Supports Value‐Added Relationship Building

It demonstrates that AgIS supports the type of ESG thought leadership that can result in partnerships and associations that add value for both our organization and our clients.

Makes Us Part of the Solution Instead of Part of the Problem

It positions AgIS on the right side of ESG issues that have the potential to pose investment or business risk within the agricultural sector.

In short, looking at our world and the opportunities and challenges it presents through an ESG lens enables AgIS to make better business and investment decisions.

Learn more about AgIS Capital’s ESG engagement on our Responsibility page.