Key Biodiversity Efforts

Writing by Carl Evers III, AgIS Capital Director of Sustainability

Facilitating nesting and hunting habitat for predatory birds is a key biodiversity effort on AgIS Capital farms. Simply leaving large trees undisturbed, or ground space in the case of burrowing owls goes a long way.

Golden Eagle

We also place nesting boxes for owls, song birds, and wood ducks, as well as raptor perches across our farms so that they have ample opportunity to make themselves at home. In exchange for the habitat support, these birds help keep rodent and insect populations under control and therefore reduce the need to use rodenticides or other harsher methods of control. A single pair of barn owls can consume up to 2,000 gophers in a year! Through this program we are also able to support our local communities by sourcing nesting boxes for the farms from various FFA and school woodshop programs.

Western Screech Owl
Great Horned Owl

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