How AgIS Practices ESG-Centric Investment Management

Written by Kellen West, Vice President of Portfolio Management, and
Steve Kenney
, Vice President of Business Development and Client Relations

Integrating ESG

Integrating ESG into the development and management of clients’ portfolios is a robust process at AgIS Capital. It consists of five steps:


Aligning our ESG Expectations with those of Investors

As we build a client’s agricultural investment portfolio, we ensure that our approach to ESG and their expectations about how ESG will be integrated into their program consistently align.


Evaluating ESG Considerations in the Acquisitions Screening Process

We use our ESG screens in the process of sourcing and evaluating prospective acquisitions for each client to identify ESG-related risks that must be managed as well as ESG-related value enhancement opportunities upon which we can capitalize.


Infusing ESG Sensitivities into the Asset Management Planning Process

Once a farm production or processing asset has been acquired, our on‐boarding process entails developing a formal management plan for the holding — and this includes measures designed to either enhance and capture the value of its ESG attributes, or to otherwise mitigate them.


Reporting on ESG Issues Quarterly and Annually

During our tenure of managing a client’s portfolio, we strive to consistently and transparently report on the ESG dimensions of each asset that is held as well as our approach to its management.


Positioning Clients to Capitalize on Future ESG Value‐Enhancement Opportunities

Finally, throughout the life of a client’s portfolio, we look for new and emerging ways to leverage and capture its natural capital values so as to enhance its future investment performance — these values may include the potential to monetize conservation and carbon values, to create and market environmental mitigation banks, and to develop related renewable energy infrastructure like wind and solar farms, among others.

In short, ESG considerations are an important part of AgIS’ approach to building and operating portfolios of agricultural assets for clients. Learn more about AgIS Capital’s ESG engagement on our Responsibility page.