BOSTON, MA — We are sharing the accompanying video commemorating the 25th anniversary of the “Water Leaders program,” to recognize an important water conservation and public policy group based in California, the Water Education Foundation.  Our Director of Sustainability, Carl Evers, graduated from the program in 2020 and continues to play an active role with the foundation.

Led by Executive Director Jenn Bowles, the “Water Leaders” class brings together about 20 early-to-mid-career participants from across California – individuals who represent a variety of water stakeholder groups, including farming. The program deepens their knowledge on water issues, enhances individual leadership skills, and prepares class members to take an active, cooperative approach to decision-making about water resource challenges. Each class member is paired with a mentor from a leading stakeholder group or water policymaking agency.  The program was launched in 1997 and now boasts more than 400 graduates.

The Water Education Foundation is an impartial nonprofit that was founded in 1977. Its mission is: “To inspire understanding of water and catalyze critical conversations to build bridges and inform collaborative decision-making.”

AgIS Capital proudly supports the Water Education Foundation, and we are pleased that Carl Evers currently serves on its board of directors.

If you are interested in supporting the foundation, or learning more about its “Water Leaders” program, or any of the educational materials and water tours offered by the foundation, we encourage you to visit


Stephen A. Kenney
Vice President of Business Development, AgIS Capital